The Parliaments of the Many

During the 2021 election year, THE MANY are calling for voting rights for everyone.

More than 10 million people in Germany are not allowed to vote because they do not hold German passports. This means that they are excluded from the democratic decision-making process even though they have, on average, lived in Germany for over 15 years, work in Germany and contribute to society. Studies indicate that the children and grandchildren of people without voting right engage in politics or participate in elections on a much more seldom basis, even if they are entitled to do so. This not only weakens democracy; it also provides greater weight to some 4.5 million voters with an extreme right-wing worldview and racist, nationalistic attitudes.

The signatories of the 32 DECLARATIONS OF THE MANY are called upon to not only to engage with the further development of democracy in their artistic practices and in their programming, but also to actively work to bring about change: with individual and group actions, both regionally and throughout Germany, from May until September 26, 2021.

Download: Call for The Parliaments of the Many

More information will be coming soon.