The Association of the Many

DIE VIELEN e.V. is a registered, not-for-profit association founded in June 2017.

Its aim and charitable purpose is the promotion of an international mind set, tolerance in all areas concerning culture and public education.

The following statements are central to our work:

The Association of the Many, DIE VIELEN, aims to strengthen opportunities for communication and action amongst artists, ensembles and agents within the performing arts and the fine arts.

This is particularly pertinent to artists who understand theatre and art as a means of participation in creating a society made up of people of every skin colour, gender, sexual orientation, diverse needs and abilities, of every faith or non-faith and based on their equality.

The Association of the Many, DIE VIELEN, shows solidarity for all who work in the arts or culture, including the institutions to which they are attached, and who are under attack or whose legitimacy is being questioned by right-wing populists and far-right positions.

The Association of the Many, DIE VIELEN, promotes art that moves beyond its own realm to pioneer an equal and open society.

The Association of the Many, DIE VIELEN, supports living together with open borders – inwards as well as outwards. It stands for togetherness that is courageous and generous.

The Association of the Many, DIE VIELEN, organises events and happenings that reject hate. It initiates controversial debates within the theatre and art world.

The Association of the Many, DIE VIELEN, acts as a supportive and active network and offers a networking platform for artists as well as art and cultural institutions.


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